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Using Instagram is a wonderful way to capture and share your videos and photos. Post these and off you go. Sharing digital pictures are great but you cannot assure if the digital unprinted photos you possess will still be available in the future. Storage devices also change (do you still save photos in a CD or are you using now a memory card?). Whatever circumstances are, you can still remember your most precious moments on your prints. You don't want to find out one day that collection of your adventures on the sea with your hubby, summer vacation with your family or moments of your hard work to success will be wiped out in an instant causing you stress, endless tears and disappointment are you?

Here comes Foxgram. It allows you to print Instagram photos whenever and wherever you want. Get your social media photos on high quality photo papers and beautifully designed magnets at great prices you can surely be happy with. Its easy and convenient. Foxgram will surely not give you the hassle of transferring photos.

Login to your Instagram account and simply click a button to view and choose your precious pictures. You can select between two options. You can either have your pictures on high quality magnets or equally excellent matte photo paper.

Prettify your room. Your new friends can spot the photo frames and can immediately connect with you through sharing your experiences. You can best give your friends your craziest, wackiest and happiest moments with our bestselling Instagram prints. We can guarantee that it will be a great idea and if ever you will feel dissatisfied, you can always return your photos to us for either replacement or refund at no extra cost.

You can feel that you are a time traveler seeing your grandma's handwriting on the back of her photo while she tells you stories of her young days. Now, you can share your precious memories to the next generation by handing them your long lasting quality photo prints.

Located in San Diego, California, Foxgram is the fastest and world class image printing service provider that can ship photos to you worldwide. We are ready to serve you with our excellent 24/7 customer service. We provide cutting edge photo printing without you feeling disappointed with our prices. With our same day processing arrangement, you can order our Instagram prints for the best price and have these delivered within 3-6 days.

For your convenience, Foxgram accepts all credit cards. With our upgraded website interface, we can process your inquiries and transactions fast and efficient. You are safe transacting with us since we are a Google trusted store and with our excellent service and products, we have been featured in Yahoo, CNET, EastCoast Creative Blog and other credible sites.

Give your loved ones premium-quality Instagram magnets so they can often reminisce their wonderful days with you. Time is precious. Make your memories last with our bestselling Instagram prints and premium-quality Instagram magnets.